Let's face it: Not everyone likes to have a big wedding...

There are no limits when you are planning your wedding day! With the ease of foreign travel, it is possible to celebrate your wedding

anywhere and with many options for the style of ceremony. 

Elopement Wedding at Casa Malca Tulum, photos by DreamArt Photography


Are you currently engaged, but struggling to get excited about planning a traditional wedding?

Do you love the idea of pledging yourselves to each other in a unique and meaningful way amidst a stunning setting?

Do you want your wedding to be a relaxed, stress-free day that you will look back on with pleasure for many years to come?

Then an elopement in beautiful Mexico might be just right for you!

Trash the dress at Marquis Los Cabos

Elopement Wedding at Marquis los Cabos, by DreamArt Photography


Is the idea of a big bridal bash just not your thing? Perhaps you and your partner are the super spontaneous types always looking for an unconventional adventure. Maybe you're trying to save money for a new life together and just realized your next beach vacation could easily pull double duty as your nuptials as well.

For couples who want the most intimate, meaningful, private, romantic yet incredibly stylish of modern wedding celebrations. Elopement weddings are weddings that focus on ‘just us’ without the added pressure of everyone else’s opinions or social pressures.

Wedding photography Riviera Maya

Elopement Wedding at Valentin Imperial Rivera Maya, photos by DreamArt Photography

The principal characteristic of these weddings is that you will have just a few guests or no guests at all, just you and your loved one. It is easier to adapt this kind of wedding to small budgets and also keep the most important of everything, celebrate the union of two persons that love each other. 

Don't forget that, as in every wedding, it is important to have the best wedding photos. During elopement weddings, this service is one of the principal services because it’s the way you can show all your family and friends how the celebration was. 


It's easier to plan an elopement wedding and also, they are possible to plan in locations where big ceremonies could be difficult to achieve. 


Now that we know what an elopement wedding is, we want to mention how the wedding photo and video services work, in comparison to weddings with guests. In elopement weddings we can focus totally on the bride and groom, we also have more time for the photos because the couple if just focused on the wedding and ceremony. And not worrying about everyone else!


Livestream weddings are an excellent service for elopements as your family and friends will be able to be part of the ceremony even if they are far away. We do this by flying a drone in a specific place where the guests can appreciate and listen to the whole wedding.

Wedding photography Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya

Elopement Wedding at Secrets Akumal, photos by DreamArt Photography

We are sure there will be always an option to make your wedding dreams come true!

In Mexico, we are ready to offer you thousands of options

for an unforgettable wedding day!